I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the excellent product you and the Workshop of Wizards produce. I just sold my first Corbin seat along with the bike it was last on (it had been on three bikes in 30 years). It was a Sportster seat you made for me in the mid 80's back when the shop was in Castroville. The seat was ultimately on three bikes and it was the one constant in my collection and when it left, I got a little sad. My wife noticed me getting a little sentimental and asked why. Of course I couldn't begin to explain it to her. There are just some things that happen on a motorcycle seat you don't want your wife to hear about, especially a seat you have had twice as long as you have had her.

I replaced my Sportster habit with a Buell I picked up a couple weeks ago and the first thing that had to go was the stock saddle. I'd never seen a Corbin seat for a Buell, but after reading that they were still done in leather, I didn't hesitate and ordered it sight unseen. Imagine my surprise when I got a message back the next day from Vince indicating that the seat I wanted needed to be made for my bike and it might take 4 weeks. Some people might be frustrated by that, but somewhere inside I knew it wouldn't be four weeks and was thrilled this seat, like my first seat was being made for the bike it was going on by the Workshop of Wizards.

I wasn't surprised when seven days later the seat was on my porch waiting for me. I especially appreciate Vince and all your crew for getting it done for all these years. With three Harley's and now a Buell in the garage, I can't imagine this will be my last Corbin saddle, but it might be the last one made especailly for me. Thanks Mike and if you see him, thank Vince for me too. No matter what the future holds, the workshop will live on as long as you have people like him around.

Michael Strunk
Vacaville, CA