Just like to say I got my seat on Monday. Took it out for a test ride, very nice and looks sweet. Thanks for making my bike look even better.

Jack Geiger

* * * * * * * * * *

Well after my first ride it was an absolute sensational experience.

I'm a very critical Industrial Designer & Architect, also a qualified mechanical trades guy, so when I make a comment, I'm looking and the very pointy end of the stick and consider all aspect of the product to give a considered opinion.

I learnt many years ago that the measure of comfort is actually the measure of discomfort, being comfortable and this seat is extremely comfortable. It lives up to what Corbin said it would be and maybe more.

Ascetically I like the way it fits and looks on the bike. The red stitching that creates the raised sections wasn't expected, but what a really pleasant surprise, not only does it look good, but it add to the level of comfort.

I guess you don't get many requests for a Buell seat given they are out of production and also assume the same seat design is used for similar bikes, so keep up the good work to you and all involved.

John M.
Sydney Australia