I would like to take a moment and thank you for the excellent "Ride In" customer service. Julio did an excellent job making sure my seat was made exactly to my expectations. The vast choice of material options and expert advice really made the difference. I have already received multiple compliments from my many riding buddies. I am completely satisfied. I had a two hour ride home to test the seat and believe me, the ride home was much more comfortatble than my "ride in" with the stock seat. I will spread the word about what a great experience I had.

Frequently, the only time you hear from a customer is when there is a complaint. Julio is a major asset to your company and a total pro.

Kevin Faler

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My stock seat and I did not get along and there were times that I wanted to sell my bike because it was that uncomfortable. My Corbin seat is a dream and I like it so much I am getting the companion rear seat as well. Thrilled to be able to ride without pain! Ditch the stocker and get a Corbin! I will gladly recommend this seat to other BMW riders. Thanks for a great product.

John Joyce