The stock seat tended to pull me into the gas tank at times, especially when stopping. My "boys" would get crushed a bit which did not make for a fun ride.

The Corbin angles my posterior down and backward a bit, and I did not notice this once while riding today. The seat, I understand, will need some breaking in before i can fully evaluate it and that i will do. Although I would have preferred a bit lower seat, from looking the new seat over I don't see where any seat of decent strength could gain any lower profile. I think BMW has to take the brunt of responsibility in the design flaw of this model, it that it is well known that a lot of folks have a problem with the seat height on the R1150R.

Forgot to mention that the seat looks GREAT! Nothing like real leather and a solid frame underneath. Nice leather work and that shows right off. I may pick up a passenger rest next before next summer, once I decide which style and whether I want the one with the storage compartment in the back of it.

thanks again,
Joseph Tousignant