This is my 3rd Corbin saddle. I have bought them at events from the Corbin trailer and I have ordered online. This was an online order.

This seat had turned out to be a great match for this motorbike. It is styled close to the period and just "works" with the overall lines of the bike.

I ordered this seat just as is seen in the images (black leather with white piping) and Corbin even built the seat to my request, no backrest hardware or the velcro'd cover flap. This worked as expected. There are no interruptions to the shape of the sides on to the back of the seat, just perfect! The leather is of a high quality and the seat was only a little challenging to install, but once I figured out how the initial loose hardware helps to center the seat on the frame and such, all went well.

One other thing is that I have to say that the price was very reasonable. I now have a custom, American-made, leather seat for $400. There are no longer many similar accessories that you can buy for a bike this old that are near this quality of materials and workmanship for less than this!

Thank you Corbin.
Brian Garceau