I just received my Corbin saddle the other day and the fit and quality of the product is simply amazing! Even the candy red welts match my bike perfectly. The saddle looks great on the bike and I've already had many complements on it. It was certainly worth the wait!

The stock seat on these scooters is like sitting on a big firm marshmallow. After a while my back and legs started hurting, not to mention my rear end, especially on long trips, and I can easily do several hundred miles in the course of a weekend.

Also, being of a shorter stature (5'2"), my other concern was that the stock seat was a bit too tall for me as well. I was having difficulty getting enough of my feet on the ground to feel stable when stopped or backing up. I had spoken to Janice when I placed my order and told her of my concerns. She said it might be difficult getting the foam trimmed down enough but that she would send my request to the shop and see what they could do. I didn't expect to be able to flat foot the bike, but I wanted to at least get the balls of my feet down AND have a comfortable seat on long rides.

Imagine my surprise when I got this beautiful seat mounted on my scoot! I hopped on right away and found that I could very nearly flat foot the bike on both sides! It was such a new sensation for me, since I've been on my tip-toes on this bike for over a year. Now I can back the bike with no problems, and walking it is a breeze. The bike "fits" me perfectly now, and the seat is so much more comfortable! Instead of being perched on a flat, padded lump of foam like the stock, the Corbin allows you to sit "in" the seat, giving you a better feeling of control and a more natural seating position that lets you relax and enjoy the ride.

Many thanks go to Corbin for engineering a fantastic saddle and special thanks to Janice for helping me get the perfect fit. After the seat has had its "1000 mile break in" I may even look into getting one of your oval backrests. And I will certainly be telling everyone about your great products!

Cyndi Skipper