I just wanted to express my appreciation to Ryan for his great follow-up on my recent request. We ordered a new seat only because we were told it was going to take approximately two weeks. This was important to us because we are scheduled to depart on a two week trip on December 22nd. When I called to check on the seat aproximately two weeks later I was told they were running about 3-4 weeks with the Christmas rush. I explained the urgency to Ryan (I think he is someplace other than California) and he was able to confirm that the seat was in QC and should be leaving shortly. Now, two days later I got another call from Ryan and he followed up by telling me the seat is scheduled to be delivered today and even e-mailed me the UPS tracking number. I think that willingness to go above and beyond especially in a Customer Support position is what "Great Customer Support" it is all about and separates you from the other manufacturers.

Bill & Judy Wolff