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Order Number: 776539
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02-SB Ovalbac Backrest, Cover to match saddle - 218. 00 $ 218. 00 $
Order Subtotal: 218. 00 $

• Saddles are often shown with optional items that are NOT INCLUDED such as Backrests and V-rails. Please see the Accessories Tab on the product page for these items.

• SEAT CONFIGURATOR: The configurator is a digital representation (model) of the seat and does not necessarily present an exact match to the production saddle. Images on the product page show correct cover designs, stitch patterns and accurate item appearance. Configurator is for visualization of materials purposes only.

• Unless otherwise noted, Corbin products are designed specifically to work with OEM components. Suitability of our products to function with other aftermarket accessories is solely at the discretion of the rider.

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